Our favorite thing about WHYCONS is that while we have given them meaning--dreams, energy, family, art, and faith--you give them power. Whether you know your purpose now, or you're in pursuit of it, you give them value and worth ... and they serve as a daily reminder of your WHY, which enriches your life and makes the world a better place. Welcome to a whole new world of possibilities. Welcome to the path where you will find your importance in the world. Welcome to the club.

Beating Heart

Do more of what makes you feel your heart beats faster. Listen, trust, and find the answers.

Helping Hand

Be the ever-present, supportive helping hand, while also remembering that some day, you may be the one who needs a little extra support.


We encourage you to be like a lotus flower, which blooms in the swamps. Never lose your color or your essence, no matter what's going on around you.


This is our representation of faith. Every time you look at this WHYCON, you will remember there is hope and that you have a guide walkiing alongside you, showing you the path. Trust. You are part of a greater plan.


Just as harmony is needed in music, a balance between your thoughts, actions, and feelings is necessary in life. 


This WHYCON represents the search. If you still haven’t found your WHY, this is the WHYCON is for you.

Be Happy

This is a daily reminder to smile! Whenever you see this WHYCON, smile and give it a meaning. At the end of the day, you will see all the reasons you have to smile.


Inspiration and motivation. This WHYCON represents the light and strength you have in your soul, those that move your heart and make your dreams come alive. Look at it every time you feel tired or defeated.


You are the perfect puzzle piece in this world. This WHYCON is meant to remind you of your worth and value; the purpose you have as a part of a whole piece … part of your community.