2019, on tour, watching a Jerry Lorenzo interview. In that moment, it all began.


MAU - The why project


My mind was blown away by what I was listening to. He said this phrase that changed it all for me: “When you know why you’re doing what you’re doing, the result doesn’t matter”. Uf! This made me think about how I was living my life from my ego instead of my purpose and although I knew what my purpose was, I also knew I wasn’t living through it.

I studied, (& studied myself), investigated, and debated between how simple the word WHY is and how complex its meaning can be. That’s when I understood that purpose functioned like a compass, a guide that allowed me to make decisions based on what I could contribute to that purpose.

So, I decided to have the word WHY forever tattooed on my skin as a reminder to want to live through it. In life’s highs, that WHY would be my anchor, and in the lows, it would be my drive.
Every day, I discover that I am on this Earth to impact the lives of others, and I found my purpose while I was searching for it, in the wonderful process of trying to find it. That WHY has a foundation, a root that makes it powerful enough to grow, and that is love. Love for others, love for serving, and love for positively impacting people’s lives.


MAU - The why project

What if everyone lived through their purpose?


This question is the only one on this journey that I find easy to answer because I firmly believe that humanity would be completely different if it were all guided by love. With this in mind, I came up with a practical reminder (also a very cool reminder ;)) for the world to live by this foundation, and that is the WHY BRACELET. It is made to help us start asking ourselves what our purpose is on this Earth and then start living consciously through it.

Here you are, reading our purpose, to accompany you in the process of finding your own. Which means, you’ve already begun! Welcome to the Club!






Hola!! Soy mamá y es súper inspirador Mau!! Hermoso y desafiante proyecto y te felicito por la bella esposa y familia que has formado!! Aguante los Montaner abrazo grande y cariños . Desde Argentina 🇦🇷

March 16, 2024 at 14:50pm

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